About Us

The team at Obits 246, is really a nimble group of persons who work to pull various contractors and service providers into one common and easily accessible online space.

This online portal which is also widely utilised by various funeral homes, allows persons to offer their condolences, tributes and rememberances in an unprecedented way, particularly due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

We are an entity fully located in Barbados and understand the Barbadian way of how we annouce the passing of our loved ones. Hence the name Obits 246. Even though we are based and operated by bajans – we understand the pivot of the global reach of the various online platforms, and we work to maximise this at this time, through our Digital Marketing Services.

The traditional Barbadian culture of attending a funeral and service of thanksgiving has been impacted. As such the large numbers are not allowed and persons have been left with a void to communicate and express to the various family members, their thoughts in a meaningful way. As such, Obit 246 – has brought together its marketing service, with other providers and expanded into a full fledge space of services and advertising. The team has also optimised the various online platforms such that the reach is significantly beyond the Barbados shores such that persons overseas can also find a one-stop venue.

We are constantly expanding our services. We currently offer:

  • Obituary/Death Announcements
  • Floral Tributes
  • Candle Tributes
  • Poems (Elegy) and written prose to the family in Tribute
  • Requiem Musicians – Soloists, Instrumentalists, Organists – in church/chapel/viewing/cemetery
  • Booking The Live Stream Platform & Services
  • Say It With Balloons
  • Memorial Services – Coming Soon!!
  • Blog/Articles/Tributes
  • Doves – Coming Soon!!

Yes! We do work with Funeral Homes, and various Funeral Directors. We know that quite a few of them have not fully expanded into the virtual spaces, and as such Obits 246, enables them to do so quite easily, while still being credited for their work.

Our event planning team is also on hand should the need arise, as we provide the facilities for decor and personalised layout for each memorial or service of thanksgiving. Rather than the usual – consider asking us at Obits 246, and exploring various ideas to celebrate the life of a loved ones!

Team Obits 246