The Benefits of Music Therapy

Submitted by: Sirmagz32

We all know our time here on earth will reach an end. If that will happen especially to our loved ones, I knew the pain we feel inside because recently my father died last July 26, 2021. It was hard to accept his death at that time because he’s still 63 years old and I knew he had so many plans and things to do in life, but I need to accept the reality. One way for me to recover from his loss is by listening to inspirational Christian worship songs.

I will share with you some of the benefits for me of having done music therapy


You will be relaxed when you have listened to your favorite song. To be at ease and our inner self will be at peace, try having doing some form of music therapy and even ask an expert to guide you as well. Your mind will be relaxed and as you will hear inspirational songs each day like what I did. It helped me learn to accept his death and understand God’s ultimate design that there is a reason why He allowed it to happen.

If our inner self is relaxed, our body will continue to function well like we always have the appetite to eat and we have regular hours of sleep.


Another benefit of MUSIC THERAPY is you can be eased of stress and discouragement, depression and some of the sadness of loss. If we don’t know how to handle stress, it might lead to some serious diseases like our internal organs might get affected like even as much as a heart attack. For you to be relieved from experiencing a loss from someone, try this therapy. I believe that each of us have a favorite song. For sure if you start listening to your favourite kind of music each day – your stage of grief can actually go a little easier.

I will encourage you also to choose Christian worship songs, for you to be reminded that God still cares for you and He will never leave you alone.


I know that you are so down and low at this time. It seems that the world stops turning like you don’t want to do anything, but to go on pause. Some persons stop eating as part of managing the loss of their loved one – but let us tell you – Do Not Give Up. Try one of the Music Therapists available in Barbados for a session… One way for me to overcome grief was by the music that I heard, and that I allow myself to listen to.

I am telling you that after accepting and recovering from someone’s death, you yourself will be restored. You still have plans and desires in your own life, so keep on doing it.

Take it from me…Music therapy was one way for me to recover from my father’s death. My mind was relaxed, my spirit was relieved and my body was restored. So start listening to your favorite song right now and reflect on its message and apply it to yourself – and talk to someone who knows…

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