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In a space and time today that warrants our use of technology and a strong social media presence, we at Obits 246 have evolved to provide the service of Video Announcements and Vido Obits. Just try to remember the last time that you sat, and listened to the radio announcement of a loved one or friend. Furthermore why wait until once or twice a week to receive the printed services.

In fact when we jumped into the space of Video Obits, the very first time – the response by both family and loved ones of the departed was over-whelming. It was also seen as one of the most novel ways, to share the information for the upcoming service of thanksgiving or memorial. In addition families members then found creative and unique ways, to then share with loved ones overseas in a quite human and meaningful touch.

The beauty of having a video obit is that is also appeals to the sense of sight and hearing, as well as with the application of subtitles – persons of all abilities an also understand and feel connected. Persons can also use this as a form of offering thoughts, and well wishes, to the family and friends of the loved ones, in their time of bereavement and as a form of therapy as well.

Video Obit, Announcement, or Memorial – just reach out to us and let us know some details and we can get started. For Example:

  • Male Voice
  • Female Voice
  • Sad Music
  • Classical Music
  • Happier Music
  • Images of your loved ones can be used
  • Images of flowers or scenery or maybe of some sport or activity which they loved
  • Shareable Link for any media platform

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